Winfried Sobottka: Don’t ask me why!

The bloody bastards are shouting: „He is crazy!“, while they know that I am not.

Those who are pushing my articles are thinking I am silly, those who say: „Fine, that he is doing that way! But I keep away from that, that is much better for me!“ are knowing how unsocial they are, but they are thinking their unsocialness would be only to my damage, and that doesn’t matter to them.

The truth is another one: They are silly and they are unsocial to their own damage, and they will pay the price for it.

Never ask me if I give a damn to the hopes of all those f*ers concerning my doing. All I have done was in vain, because they are stupid f*ers.

Don’t  ask me why if You can give the answer to Yourself.

Winfried Sobottka, 21rst of January 2012

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